GSA Advantage Redesign Project

The GSA contracted with Lockheed Martin, and like all good contracting companies subcontracted to a smaller group like Macquarium. Macquarium hires me, and suddenly I’m working on a redesign of the “U.S. Federal Government’s version of”

GSA Advantage had somewhere on the order of 33,000 Vendors, none of which could be presented as more important than any other. The Federal Rules of Acquisition insist on it (among other things) Our redesign accomplished quite a bit, and I had the pleasure of working with the Information Architecture, helping determine design choices, functional improvements to the search engine and other cool features in this amazing site. It was an honor to work on this project, and I was truly sad when the GSA cut staff by 17% and renegotiated most major contracts across the board, thereby killing the FAME program.

Keep in mind that this site at the time was doing what does with their thousands of employees, and the Fame project had something like 100 people supporting it.

  • Role Sr. User Experience Designer, DC Practice Design Lead
  • For GSA and Lockheed Martin
  • Date 2014
  • Type User Experience Design, Product Design/Management, Conceptual work, Infographics, Redesign
  • URL