GSA Infographics for Messaging/Promotion

One of the best solutions for promoting your work in a project where you’re embedded with a client at their worksite is by distributing infographics (and we’re not talking Powerpoint slides, we’re talking about full 3, 4 or 5 foot tall posters.) that can be framed and placed in the CIO’s office. We printed out a few different infographics, describing everything from accomplishments to what we learned from “failures”.

There’s nothing like seeing the results of a project spread out in front of an executive and seeing their eyes bulge out when they understand the enormity in fantastic CMYK color of what your team accomplished.

  • Role User Experience Design Lead, Macquarium DC Practice
  • For GSA Advantage / FAME Project via Lockheed Martin
  • Date 2012-2014
  • Type Infographics, Graphic Design, Web Re-Design
  • URL