This was a consulting gig, working for an agency local to me. I roduced wireframes and conceptual work in AxureRP. was antiquated. It was badly in need of a redesign.

Our concept to the client was to update the site from the original design into something that was more like Slashphone/Slashdot, where the site dealt more in rumor and innuendo and descriptions of products. Transactions wouldn’t happen on this site, but would instead happen on This site was mostly meant to generate a buzz over new products and encourage people to go to Best to purchase.

This was fun for me. It played heavily on the work I had done previously for Verizon Wireless, and I was essentially given free reign to produce a much more timely web presentation that was available at Verizon around that same time.

  • Role Consultant to local advertising firm supporting Best Buy
  • For / Best Buy
  • Date 2010
  • Type UX Design, UX Strategy, Conceptual Work, Branding alignment
  • URL

Best Buy Mobile 2.0 Project!

Version 1.0, which we were redesigning and improving on.

Initial low-fidelity wireframe discussion.

New Concept in much higher fidelity.

Axure RP output for a particular component on the project.

Conceptual Work, Version 2 of the Wireframe they approved.

What the final wireframe looked like in High-fidelity.