Masters Radio (Preliminary Concept)

Recently I was invited by some former colleagues of mine from CGI Federal to work with them on a new music startup. The overall product concept is to bring you music you’ve never heard before from artists you’ve known and loved for years – but are largely unsupported by the industry unless you’re interested in hearing music they created over 20 years ago. We think we can do better and you’ll hear and experience fantastic new music well worth the price of admission.

The theme behind our design is reminiscent of early Spin Magazine, with a snarky 1980/1990's attitude that laughs at itself. You can expect to see a lot more of this from this product.

  • Role Chief Vision Officer (Product, UX and Design)
  • For Masters Radio
  • Date 2017
  • Type Mobile, Web, Desktop clients, Product Ownership, UX Design, Conceptual Work
  • URL

Masters Radio Conceptual Desktop View “David Byrne”

Masters Radio, Conceptual Desktop View